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30 July
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A Smile For A Smile

“Boy oh boy... the price of freedom is steep."

Zack has always been an easy going, cheerful and charming person, often lighting up people's moods with a wink and a smile. His positive attitude towards most situations often helping him and his friends get through. He's a pillar, if you will, for his dear ones, ready to lend a hand at any given moment. Though it needs to be said that Zack has seen the harsher and more cruel side of life thanks to the Wutai War and the most of the major events leading up to his death. Zack has grown up from being the happy, even naive, little puppy to a still good-natured but also serious when he needs to be type of man. He doesn't expect the worst to always happen but when something does go wrong Zack is mentally ready for just about anything.

With his good spirits, Zack is also a very strong and caring person, often looking out for his friends, new or old. Even when Angeal was corrupted by the degeneration, Zack still believed until his mentor’s last breath that Angeal had never truly been evil, just misguided. He always hopes for the best in people, listens to their problems and is ready to offer any and all the help he can.

Zack is also known to be a bit of a flirt. Confident in himself and his abilities, one would often find him chatting with his fellow female friends, asking them out during the most oddest of times. It's all in good fun though as it is in his nature to be charming sometimes without himself even noticing it.

Zack claims to not be scared of anything. And this is true, partly. While not one for fearing anything physical, like monsters or demons, Zack, perhaps, mostly fears losing his friends, or having something happen to them. He prides himself in his relationships, often holding most people he considers close near to his heart. This can also be his downfall. Zack will easily give his own life to save that of a friend.

And that is, ultimately, how he meets his end.

While a blessing most of the time, sometimes Zack's is almost over-cheerful personality gets him in trouble. This often leads to him not paying much attention to what is said, until he is faced with having to deal with whatever was told. While this trait was more common in his youth, Zack is still rather breezy-minded even while older and more experienced in all aspects of life.

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